The House on Tradd Street Karen White

I am not a fan of ghost stories. I wouldn’t normally choose one I knew was they type of venue. I started reading the house on Trad Street because I thought it was a story of Charleston, SC, which I love to read.
I was a couple of pages into the book and found myself hooked. Karen Whites weaves a wonderful story of old Charleston coupled with ghosts of Charleston.

Charleston is a historic city, it is not hard to believe there are ghosts here. With the history of violence, war, earthquakes and hurricanes: kwhy Not have ghosts as well?

The story centers around a Realtor, Melanie, who has been deserted by her mother when she was 7 years of age.
This of course causes her to experience a rough childhood, her dads in the military, so they move a lot; adjustment is an unreal expectation.

When we meet Melanie she is almost forty, a successful Realtor in Charleston, trying hard to keep[ the secret of her “gift”. She visits a hope of a gentleman, and suddenly finds herself error to a rundown old house on Tradd..and the money to restore it.

Of course the house is badly in need of repair, and has a few extra guests staying there Melanie is about to encounter.

This book had me glued to its pages for wo days. It would have been less time, but I had to work and answer calls in between pages and chapters.

The book isn’t like anything I have read before, the plot is interesting. quick moving, surprising, with many twists.

Its is not your usual ghost stories, it is a real tribute to Charleston historic fame.
The author has shown a lot of respect for the old city, while writing a absorbing story.

I do recommend this book. I have recently finished the sequel: it is the same way excelolant and exciting reading.

karen white

The sequel, Well worth it.

The sequel, Well worth it.

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Book Review: Dirt Nap

The Walking Dead, The living Dead The night of the living dead, zombies all, and they are act pretty much alike. If you have seen one zombie, you’ve seen them all.
Dirt Nap is a refreshing change of pace, (well as refreshing as a zombie story can be)
Roam Stephens has a mishap that causes his demise, He returns, to a world where in the time he was gone, the dead starting returning and now walk among the living.
The usual feeding on people takes place, and the standard zombie behavior, but the difference is Kevin Anthony somehow adds humor and personality to his characters.
Roam is a very likeable character as he goes through the story trying to find out if he is alive or dead.
The book has everything likeable characters, action, but it also is humorous and sometimes a little off color.
Needless to say, I recommend this book to zombie’s lovers, as well as non-zombie fans. I count myself among the latter, so being was very hesitant to read the book in the first place: but I am really glad I did,
I hope the author continues to write, his style is easy to read, the plot moves along quickly.
I admit sometimes it is edgy, a few times it gets a little harsh, but those parts are rare.
Kevin, keep writing. I am looking forward to the next book.

The Cat Who…..

42056                                  Some days  you just want a light novel, something you don’t have to get into to deeply. Sometimes you want to meet with old friends, and not worry about heavy duty mystery or murders but can go from murder to solving it in a few hours.. some days you need “the Cat Who..” books. 

the series has 28 books, I have read all at least twice, they are quickly engrossing, the characters likable and you are always surprised by the ending.

the first books, “the Cat who read Backwards” the cat who ate Danish modern” are set in the big city. Jim Qwerrilian is an report for the popular newspaper the “The Daily fluxion”

Qwill, as he is called, has had a hard  life and is a recovering alcoholic. He has to take whatever job is available and in doing so find himself the owner of a Siamise cat name Koko.

Koko, it would seem, has special skills and can solve a murder by helping his human find the cues. He is indeed a spoiled cat preferring Lobster and turkey to cat food. Still He is an extremely smart cat, and in book three they add another Siamese companion yum Yum, who was abused by her owner. yum yum is an more normal cat, so she sets off Koko perfectly and the family is complete.

Ihe characters are believable, and likable. and easy to get attached to. sometime Lilian feels she has to bump off a major character or two, but that keeps it all very interesting.

An old friend of Qwill’s mom leaves him sole heir to her fortune and Qwill leaves the big city for Moose county, He continues to solve murders, and live a very gentile lifestyle.

I recommend these books highly. The later books have a different feel to them, and at some point  I believe someone may have been helping the author out a bit. after all she was in her eighties and still  writing.  Over all I miss quill and his follow townsmen that live 400 miles north of everywhere.

When you are looking for something light, these books are it…a great tribute to a great writer.

Thanks Lilian for giving us Moose county, Pickax city, Qwill, Yum Yum, koko and all the rest.

Full Disclosure Dee Henderson Debut Oct. 2nd 2012

I have always enjoyed Dee Henderson’s books. They have strong character, believable situations. This book is totally different.

Ann Silver Life is murder. Literally. Her job is to investigate murders in her job as Midwest Homicide Investigator.  so when she comes upon a clue to an old case called the Lady Shooter she turns it over to Paul Falcon, the top murder expert at the FBI and she of course gets caught up in the mystery of the search, and he in the mystery that is her.

Dee Henderson weaves a story of mystery, murder and romance. In some ways, I almost thought it was her story.  she is known for having strong women as her heroines,

This one isn’t any different.  Just when you think you have it figured out, you don’t

A car wreck, a suspicious murder, keep them on their toes, until they reach the unexpected answer to their search.

I strongly recommend  this book. I sat down to read it and could not put it down.

it kept me guessing all the way, and the characters were likable.

I have read the O’Malley stories, and so was very familiar with the character. It was interesting the way she wove their stories into this one.

If you like, adventure, suspense, romance all in one book. run, don’t walk and buy this book.

Dee Henderson is Back,,Stronger and better than ever.


BOOK GIVEAWAY The Last Temple Hank Hanegraff and Sigmund Brouwer

Sigmund Brouwer is one of my favorite authors. He has written many books on so many different topics, for young and old.

His Nick Barrett series that takes place in Charleston SC  makes you feel as if you are turbulent, robust, class driven city. His characters are believable and you are attached to them.

The Last Temple  isn’t any different. The Story takes place in Rome, and you feel a part of the action, a part of the city that is Rome.

This is the third book in the trilogy and each one kept me waiting for next. The most exciting part of the book was watching Jesus’ prophecies come alive and vividly true.


Hank Hanegraaff serves as president and chairman of the board of the North Carolina–based Christian Research Institute International. He is also host of the Bible Answer Man radio program, which is broadcast daily across the United States and Canada as well as around the world through the Internet at



History has taught us many times how cruel man can be to man; however, the treachery and brutality of the Roman Empire still shocks me.

I enjoyed being swept away into a different time and lifestyle, with a perfect blend of fact and fiction.

Enough fiction to get me emotionally involved with the characters and enough fact to realize what they were experiencing was fact.

It made me as quite seriously…Could I be that strong and die in such a terrible way for Christ. Could I watch my Child die? Yes, because I know they are going to be with Jesus.

I strongly recommend the entire series, but the last book is the catalyst. It carries you through at such a pace you feel you are on a roller coast ride. However, the historical value is priceless

The last Temple Trailer





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French Kids eat Everything

My Natasha has to be the pickyest eater in all of America. It has been a battle her Mom and I have struggled with. We cajole,we beg, we threatened, we bribe all in the name of healthy eating.  i was watching Rachel Ray, one of her guest was an author named Karen Le Billon. Karen had written an interesting book called “french Kids eat everything”

Is it possible we have given our kid too much control. When I was growing up, if I didn’t want to eat what was prepared that was fine with my grandmother, she knew I would eat when  I got hungry enough. She also knew I would eat what she had prepared, and if I didn’t, well, going to bed hungry one night would not hurt me.

It is also funny, looking back, it didn’t occur to me to fight her, she was the boss I was the child I did what she said. Period.

With my own kids, I was a little softer. I insisted they at least taste everything on their plates, one bit. There wasn’t anyway they could say they didn’t like it if they had not tried it right? So they don’t mind trying new things now, and look at food as an adventure.

Natasha, I guess, somehow got spoiled. I really don’t know how. She ate what she wanted, and she didn’t eat what she didn’t want. After a two-week period of only wanting top ramen or Golden Graham cereal it occurred to me I might have a bit of a sticky food wicket

So, when I heard about this book I felt as if I had asked for it.

Karen Le Billon and her family moved to France by her husband’s job. New Culture, New atmosphere new lifestyle.

The first thing she noticed was the fact you didn’t see a lot of obese French kids as you do American kids

She began to indulge in  Food Education and came up with 10 French food rules to train your kids eating habits.

I loved this book and have tried it and it working! Our biggest issues was the no snacking rule because Tasha wants to eat all the time, but its ok to feel hungry between meals:it paves the way for you to eat better at the real meals.

I recommend this book highly. Some people may not enjoy it has some negativity about  American, European and Canadian eating habits.  I found a lot of what she said was not only true, but took us back to an age in American where parents controlled the food.  the kids, meals were enjoyed not eaten in a car on the way back from Mickey D’s.

the book is well written, absorbing and with interesting suggestions.

Beckon Tom Pawlik

Of all the animals, man is the only one who is cruel….Mark Twain

I have never read Tom Pawlik, so this was going to be a new experience for me. I am one of those people who have their favorite authors, favorite type of book and tend to navigate towards those same areas. but this book looked interesting and different, so I thought why not?  Lets enter into a new subject.

The title and the sub-title grab your right away..Beckon;  Come, Live forever. But what I thought was mystery and suspense turned out to be my least favorite reading material Sci and Fantasy. Still the book is well written has some excellent spots and tied together wonderfully

Indian  legends are always interesting, in this book two young men hire a guide to help them find the “soul Eater” a Indian legend. In their journey  they meet people who live forever by drinking a liquid from a spider, People who have been alive for hundreds of years but under the wire the world never knew about them. One of  the young men is trying to locate his father, who disappeared years ago while on a business trip.

The book held my attention for the most part, some of it was totally unbelievable but that is what Sci Fi is all about, right? The characters were not endearing to me and I found I didn’t care for a couple of the good guys and was almost rooting for the bad guys in their case.

The question the book asks is:  “what would you give up to live forever? You family? Your money., your soul?” In many ways it can help Christians do a evaluation of just what it means to live forever and how much is giving your soul to the right person worth to you.

All in all I will call it a good read, it is entertaining  but just not one of my favorite books.

received this complimentary copy from Tyndall Publishers. A positive review was not required and all opinions expressed here are strickly my own

I’m not Waving, I’m Drowning

Sheila Walsh has been a noted speaker at the Women of Faith conferences for a while. To hear her speak is inspiring. I have read and reviewed many of her books but this one touched my heart.

I was hooked in the very first chapter titled “I’m not waving, I’m drowning”. that almost identically mirrored an incident in my life and my reactions was very similar to her. I felt God had given her a glimpse into my heart and shared it. the premise of the chapter is; people will walk by and think we are waving, when in our hearts we are drowning. But we do not wish to ask others, we don’t even ask Him.

This book is a wonderful excursions into what God does for the broken heart. How he calls to us to be healed,  loved and comforted by Him. It includes a wonderful Bible study that provides you with a one on one experience with the Bible quotes she uses. It makes the book interactive.

The author says run to the Lord and rest in Him, That is what we are called to do, don’t just long to do it, do. Run. Sheila’s book tells you how

I recommend this book for general reading and the Bible study to get deeper into the study.  Sheila’s down to earth and conversational style makes easy reading as well as

easy to understand and heart touching style.

I  Highly recommend this book.

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book free from the publisher through the book review bloggers program. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.


The Devil in Pew number 7

To be honest, I chose this book because it was the only one offered that I had not read. I approached it with trepidation because it is not what I usually read. It is a true story   I was quickly engrossed   and fascinated

Forgiveness is one of the Lord’s commands I have a hard time with, this book is one that teaches this rule above all others. Others in more dire circumstances and have less reason to forgive then I do.

Rebecca’s father was a pastor who was delighted to move his family to a church in North Carolina where he was welcomed by the towns people, well  all but one.

One man was used to controlling the church. , was  not very happy at losing that control  and so the family found itself in a fight for control of God;s house. At first they ignored the calls, Then   He tries with sniper fire, going so far as to have someone try to run the Pastor off the road.

However, things come to a climax and end in a horrifying turn of events one night in the kitchen of their home;Rebecca’s life is shattered and forever changed. She must start on a journey none of them could have been prepared for,

It’s funny how a book I didn’t think I would like has changed my heart and touched me very deeply. It taught me about forgiveness, having peace in the face of tragedy.

I recommend this book, to those who may have the problem with forgiveness, and even those who don’t. Be ready to be engrossed,to be shocked. To fall in love with the family and developed great respect for their strength and love. Their ability to live without fear in an environment fraught with terror.The Devil in Pew Number Seven by Rebecca Nichols Alonzo is a book everyone should read.
This book was given to me free of Charge by Tyndale publishing. The review is solely my own.

The Lucado Reader

There is very little to say when you mention Mac Lucado’s name. His books touch your heart, and awaken you to a God that you never knew. Suddenly God is real to you, you see him in things you never saw Him in before. Max brings God to Life.

The Lucado Reader is Max at his best. It is a great gift book for someone who has not been properly introduced to  Max’s easy-going, easy reading style. It is a compilation of  all of his books, neatly indexed and set topically according to the subject you are looking for.

Do you need a Dash of Faith, A sprinkle of comfort or just a small dose of encouragement,” The front cover asks Then this book is perfect for you. And so it is. You do not have to plow through the grass to get to the meat, you go  directly there.

Need encouragement in your worship life? there is a section for you. Dealing with the problem of forgiveness? There is a section for you Max does not preach he gently teaches you with examples, facts and a sense of humor to tie the whole thing together, 

Do you have a personal relationship with Christ? Have people kept telling you need this and you are at a loss to know what that is? You spend time listening to sermons that are not quite on target,trying hard to reach God but it seems so hard, so over your head. 

The book is in small does, sticks to the facts and does not run off on rabbit trails. 

Looking for a gift for a newly saved fried? this si the book. Looking for a book for a spiritually mature fried? this book is for you. Yes it meets all the requirements for a devotional book designed for those wanting to reach the heart of God. 

I highly reccommend it.