Did you ever wonder what he was thinking? Why your relationship was going as rough as it was? Sometimes men really seem so far away, that you don’t know what to do or think. this book does a wonderful job of making you understand your differences.

Have you ever gone out on a date then spent the next few days wondering why he doesn’t call you? Or he makes a statement and you wonder what did he mean by that? this book is writen by Paula Reinhard, who after 20 years certainly should know what men are:

What is he really thinking?

how men Think

Why they do what they do

What they struggle with.

You never thought they struggled did you?

Chapter one opened my eyes to things I have not even considered.  If  a man asks a women if she loves him, she is quick to say yes and show him by a hug or a kiss. If you ask a man if he loves a women, he says ” I went to work didn’t I.” He is not being smart, A man feels he shows his love by doing, not by saying. I take care of you there fore I love you. An eye opening thought.

The book made me think. We all know dealing with the opposite sex is a challenge, we have never been on the same page, because we are made up different physically and emotionality. It is hard for us to think of what the other person is thinking, or feeling. The book written from a Christian point of view is entirely different the a secular book.

I do reccommend this book because it is very thorogh in describing both parties feeling,

Applical situations are made throughout the book, with appropate scriptures showing the Biblically point of view.

I can see myself looking back to this book for a reference, for now I gave it to my daughter who is 28 for a reference book.


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