Can you imagine turning down 100 Million? This is the first sentence of the book, Knockout Entrepreneur. George Foremen in this book of “Georgism”s as he calls them tells how his first impression of the item that made him a multi millionaire was “This will never work.

The book is a great tool to anyone wanting to start their own business. He tells of his successes and his failures. Bad judgements he has made, and opportunities he almost missed.

It takes a boxer three months to train for a fight, “George tells us “So it is surprising when people are depressed whe their business is not flourishing in a few weeks,”

The two-time heavyweight champion tells us when to rush and when to take it slow.

Always looking ahead as we do it.

The knock out Entrepreneur:


  • Is focused on smart growth, fearlessly seizing opportunity and building an organization of significance.
  • is a visionary who uses God Given Talents and doesn’t back down from hard work to succeed
  • Is encouraging, doesn’t mind taking Risk,
  • Has integrity
  • Amassed wisdom over wealth and knows that when all is said and ond done the greatest reward is faith, family and community.
Are you a Knockout Entrepreneur?
The book gives you strategies, hints and surefire ways to meet your goals, matching each one with an event from his own life.
I am not a boxing fan, but I am a business woman. I didn’t think this book could possibly have anything in it for, bu to my surprise I learned a lot about what i have been doing wrong, and made some changes not only to improve my business but my life as well.
The book is easy to read, and a fast read It doesn’t get bogged down in artificial cheer leading and promises it can’t back up. It gives you straight honest facts about being successful and what it takes.
It was well worth the read.



About itsangel04

I am (NOt listed in any particular order) freelance writer, author,grandmother, mother, business owner, affiliate marketer, MLM, social media specialist as well as a host of other things I won't mention here. My new years resolution is to become healthy, lose weight and change my attitude. A lot of work for one year.

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