Three women. One Crime. You have a book of excitement, intrigue and  suspense. The women call themselves the Triple Threat Club, and they prove they are. These are the making of the book Face of Betrayal

Lis Wiehl weaves the story of the loves of these three women against the backdrop of a sensational murder.  The book includes

domestic violence, lost love and other facets of life, bringing it together to a totally surprise ending.

The Characters are realistic and come alive making you care about them.  they are developed chapter by chapter, the lead character is a Christian having a little bit of a battle with her attempts to witness to her friends.

Lis Wiehl and April Henry are a wonderful pair. Lis’s legal knowledge, her experience as Fox’s networks anchor coupled with April’s nartive ability make this book a thrill to read. I recommend it highly.

Lis has written a wonderful story I urge everyone to read, I was surprised by the ending for the first time in a long time. There were many would be guilty parties to choose from, and the guilty one wasn’t the  one I was expecting.

If you want a good read, and fast one I read the book in one night, read Face of Betrayal. I am looking forward to reading other triple threat books in the future.


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