Tim Downs has a unique view on the world. The first time a friend gave me the bug man books, I thought “what a strange scenario:how can a man who studies bugs solve crimes?”  It was a different story line a fresh approach to mystery writing and strangely enough I enjoyed it.

That being said I wa very excited about reading his new book, Wonders Never Cease. Another new angle  in mysteries.

A movie star has an auto accident and lies in a medically induced coma. The night nurse gets the idea this was a way to make money. All he has to do is convince the star in her state she saw an angel, he could clean up. He enlists the help of her agent and a struggling publisher and the game is on.

Into the mix comes his girlfriends daughter, whose baby sitter has left her mother flat and so she must go to work with her, in the night when she cannot see amazing things come to light for her.  Should you ever think it is all right to mess with angels, well don’t. Kemp learns the hard way you don’t mess with these heavenly bodies who are truly Gods armies.

Leah passes the accident and sees a man in simple clothes standing over the actress, no one else notices him but She knows he is an angel. Her vision proves to save her life later, but for now of course no one believes her.

The book starts slow but picks up quickly, Once you get past the beginning you find a  myriad of interesting characters good and bad. It has a mistaken identity and many plot twists.  Some characters will become close to your heart such as Leah, some are deplorable such as Kemp, but the book all in all is a good read.


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