I have read several of John Maxwell’s book an found them to be helpful. This one is not an exception. We all spend a lot of time on social networks “connecting” but do we really connect? According to John Maxwell’s book, no, we don’t.

Connecting is an art form. Do you ever wonder why you have this wonderful idea, but it seems to you no one is listening? Maybe you are not connecting.  To really connect with someone you need to connect with them in  such a way your words influence them, and they want to listen to your ideas.

Maxwell offers his five principles and  five practices so you can connect each one and learn the secret of successful connection.

Connecting is not only important in business, but in your personal life as well. Communicating  with team members, family member is also an important part of your life. To be successful you must connect.

The  book is well written and easier to read. It looked to me for a minute it would be like a textbook, written for everyone.

Maxwell explains the principles well, and thoroughly.  Maxwell’s approach to connecting is highly informative and very effective. If you are a boss wondering why you are not getting what you need out of your employees, a  husband whose marriage is failing, a leader whom  feels he is following not leading. This book is for you. Run do not walk to the nearest bookstore and prepare to change not only your prospective, but that of those around you.


About itsangel04

I am (NOt listed in any particular order) freelance writer, author,grandmother, mother, business owner, affiliate marketer, MLM, social media specialist as well as a host of other things I won't mention here. My new years resolution is to become healthy, lose weight and change my attitude. A lot of work for one year.

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