I love Christian Fiction, when I had teens I encouraged them to read it as a way of keeping their hearts and minds pure. Of course I didn’t succeed one hundred percent, but it is a pleasure now to see my daughter reading authors such as Lori Wick and Jerry Jenkins interspersed with her secular authors.

I believe we build reading habits in our early teens, so good teen books are essential.

“Don’t Kiss Him Goodby” revolves around a teen who’s pleasent life as an American teen is interrupted with a sudden move to London.  She finds herself getting use to a new culture, making new friends and all the other typical teen issues.  the book has a sense of realism to it, the problems are not over the top, they are problems most teens might experience in the real world.

Savvy has a deep committment to God, and starts an advice column seeking Scripture for the answers.

However, as in any book she suddenly finds herself in a place where she has to decide to take her own advice or……well you know.

All of us have experienced the its easier to sit by the wayside and tell you what to do, then it is to do it. Savvy has to make that decision  A heavy decision for the best of us, much less a teenager.

The book is funny, absorbing and a fast read.  It is the third book in the London Confidential series, but still I did not feel the loss of reading the first two. However,. it doesn’t mean I won’t for the fun of it.

It is important to start your teens on a good path in everything even reading. I strongly recommend  this book to teenagers and adults alike.


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I am (NOt listed in any particular order) freelance writer, author,grandmother, mother, business owner, affiliate marketer, MLM, social media specialist as well as a host of other things I won't mention here. My new years resolution is to become healthy, lose weight and change my attitude. A lot of work for one year.

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