I am pretty much not  fan of romance novels and even less of sequels. I want the story to end on the last page and be done with it. A  Time to Embrace is both. It is a sequel to “A Time to Dane” The novel that introduced us to John and Abby at a difficult time in their marriage. A Time to Embrace continues the saga with a new set of problems.

John, wants to retire, but he doesn’t want to be pushed out. He wants to retire with honor. the a series of mishaps invade his life and push his decision; acrimonious.parents get in line behind an angry parent; starting  rumors about John’s moral character. He finds himself embroiled in a difficult situation that leads to serious complications and a trail for all who hurt him.

The story is touching, encouraging, and probably very close to real life situations. It shows what words can do, how parents influence kids and situations occur that will cause  lives change in the twinkle  of an eye.

Again I remind you I said, I am not fond of romance, but this one kept my attention, although predictable  it had it moments.

I cared about Abby and John, felt perturbed at the other kids dad, and generally felt I knew the characters.

I recommend, I also recommend the first book in the Timeless Love Series “Time to Dance”. Abby and John are nice people to know, and prove in both books; God is in control.

Happy Reading



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