Remember when you were 14? You had the world on fire, you were at the age just before high school and saying goodby to elementary school and children’s games.

Most of the time at the age the biggest problem we have is getting our homework done, or what to wear to school the next day. Carolyn Maull McKinstry was such a 14-year-old. Her life was the life of any normal kid growing up in the south in the early 60s.The civil rights movement was going forward, and everyone who lived in Alabama in those day were involved in someway with the changes that were happening but few were on the front lines, most were everyday people who worked, went to school and church.

What happens when the one day you go to church you find your world cleaned in an instant by a bright flash of light heat and noise. You friends are going, and nothing is every going to be the same again.

Carolyn describes the day so clearly you know she has lived it every day of her life, the emotion come through in the story. The ones left behind were the ones left to survive and she tells of this survival.

Although the world followed the immediate aftermath of the explosion, the followup , the police investigation and the rest of the whole ordeal that did not end on that day was left the members of the church. How do you feel safe ever again in your church? Your home?

This is a strong story of the human spirit. How beauty came out of ashes and triumph our of pain and darkness.

I recommend the book, not just to those who wish to read about the incident to learn, but those who want a remarkable story of the human spirit and how it prevails.

While The World Watched

Carolyn Maull McKinstry

Publish: Tyndale


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