“I’m starving and my feet hurt, that guy back there knows it , but hey! He’s praying for me.”

Mike Yankoski decided he needed to put into the action the Christian he said he was.  After prayer and counsel he and his friend and kindred spirit, Sam Purvis struck on a five month journey that would change their lives forever. they threw away the trappings of the world, and with a tee-shirt, jeans and their guitars enter the would of the homeless. For five months they lived literally homeless. No fail safe, nothing to fall back on. They encountered situations they dealt with them as anyone else homeless would, therefore feeling the full impact.

The great thing about this book is what it is not. It is not a book of feeling sorry for the people they encourtered, they treated them as equals. They took out the bad words, as a courtesy but that may have been a mistake. Making the people real was what it was all about.

Mike and Sam’s simple faith impressed me. They were in a church every Sunday, and quietly showed their faith to others. Their father was Radically altered at the end of the book, but they made a conscious decision to make sure they never forgot the experience.

The interactions with people, both the homeless or others personified their faith. It didn’t take long for them to take on the characteristics we associate with the homeless. Dirty,smelly dressed in cast off clothing.  It became second nature for them to plan in the morning where to sleep that night, where to set up to play. Knowing what is put in your guitar case is it for you for the day has to be sobering. Often they didn’t make bus fare much less enough to eat. Their diet consisted of Macdonald’s .99 cent burgers.

I recommended the book strongly to others. It is a fast read but intense. I  was shocked by the response from churches and fellow Christians. We sit in church on Sundays and pray for us to be  what God wants us to be, We ask him to use us in any way He chooses, but when He answers, do we respond? When Mike and Sam entered many churches they felt an unwelcoming atmosphere. A pastor told them when they asked for food; that  because the job of the church was to “worship”  giving them food would cloud the issues. Hence the words at the start of this review.  If you  truly want to do  what God ask of you , He just sent you two homeless me, giving them bread would be nice. Think before you pray. Will you really do it?

this is the best book I have read in a long while. It changed my perspective and let me have a bird’s eye view  into the life of people I only see from a distance. it makes me think about my commitment to others . A must Read


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