Baseball is life. I  love the game, I am not into a lot of the players except for their stats. So until I rrod this book, I couldn't tell you if puJos liked milk with his coffe or not; I could tell you he was a really good player.
More Than The Game by Scott Lamb and Tim Ellsworth

After reading the book, I am more impressed by the man then I was before. He is a man of great faith and conscious. He comes from a background of poverity, not to mention a struggling country o becme a wonderful role model to his fans.
Kids need role models, and most of the ones today fall short. In the old days boys turn to sports figures as the empty of the ones they would like to be the most like. DonDrysdale, Sandy Koufax not to ment the ones who still amaze us The Babe and the New York Yankees. All safe heros for our kids.
Albert Pujols is an amazing athletic. he is also a great man of faith. 
The book is heavy on sports, if you are a Cardinal fan  you will love the stories. but more than that it is full of the honest faith of a Godly man.
Scott Lamb and Tim Ellsworth do a wonderful job of profiling his life from poor to wealthy, He still shows great sevanthood and giving. We talk about giving back tothe community; Albert Pujous does this, humbly.
If you want to read a great book about baseball, read "More than a Game". If you want to read a great book about an awesome baseball player, rea More than a game.
BUT, if you want to read a tremendous book about a wonderful man of faith who plays baseball; Really read More than a game. It will inspire you to believe in greatness again. It will give faith that there are good people out there and everyone in baseball is not about the money. But mostly, it will  mastly it will will make yubeliev in heros, and we all need one of those.

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