Baxter Richardson opened his eyes…is the first line in this third of a series of heart-stopping books. Baxter is the youngest son of a multimillionaire, who has a challenge in his life. Everyone, it seems,  wants him dead. His wife, wants him dead so she can keep her secrets, his brother so he can take over the company. His Dad, well, his Dad has ,motives of his own.

Enter Ted Morgan, a classical pianist who is also pastor of the local Church. Te has experimented with music and healing,he  gets clearance to play for Baxter with startling results.

Everything changes with Busters wakes up, secrets began to come out and the question becomes, Will Buster survive waking up?

Life Everlasting is the second book in the Alexia Lindale  trilogy.The book is  Written by Robert Whitlow. The first book Life Support, explains how Baxter comes to be in a coma.

Robert Whitlow is known for his legal suspense stories, his books rarely disappoint, and this one is not any different. It is fast paced, surprising with strong characters.

The lawyer in this book, Alexia Lindale is a courageous and enthusiastic young woman representing the Baxter’s wife. Her Father in Law has discontinued all money and support to her. The brother has offered his help, but is it true?

If you have not read book one, book two may have some areas of confusion for you, I suggest you read “Life Support” first.

But Life Everlasting is a fascinating, will keep you on the seat of your chair  A different type of thriller with strong Christian theme set against the majestic backdrop of beautiful South Carolina.

A definite Novel not to be missed.


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