There is very little to say when you mention Mac Lucado’s name. His books touch your heart, and awaken you to a God that you never knew. Suddenly God is real to you, you see him in things you never saw Him in before. Max brings God to Life.

The Lucado Reader is Max at his best. It is a great gift book for someone who has not been properly introduced to  Max’s easy-going, easy reading style. It is a compilation of  all of his books, neatly indexed and set topically according to the subject you are looking for.

Do you need a Dash of Faith, A sprinkle of comfort or just a small dose of encouragement,” The front cover asks Then this book is perfect for you. And so it is. You do not have to plow through the grass to get to the meat, you go  directly there.

Need encouragement in your worship life? there is a section for you. Dealing with the problem of forgiveness? There is a section for you Max does not preach he gently teaches you with examples, facts and a sense of humor to tie the whole thing together, 

Do you have a personal relationship with Christ? Have people kept telling you need this and you are at a loss to know what that is? You spend time listening to sermons that are not quite on target,trying hard to reach God but it seems so hard, so over your head. 

The book is in small does, sticks to the facts and does not run off on rabbit trails. 

Looking for a gift for a newly saved fried? this si the book. Looking for a book for a spiritually mature fried? this book is for you. Yes it meets all the requirements for a devotional book designed for those wanting to reach the heart of God. 

I highly reccommend it.






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I am (NOt listed in any particular order) freelance writer, author,grandmother, mother, business owner, affiliate marketer, MLM, social media specialist as well as a host of other things I won't mention here. My new years resolution is to become healthy, lose weight and change my attitude. A lot of work for one year.

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