To be honest, I chose this book because it was the only one offered that I had not read. I approached it with trepidation because it is not what I usually read. It is a true story   I was quickly engrossed   and fascinated

Forgiveness is one of the Lord’s commands I have a hard time with, this book is one that teaches this rule above all others. Others in more dire circumstances and have less reason to forgive then I do.

Rebecca’s father was a pastor who was delighted to move his family to a church in North Carolina where he was welcomed by the towns people, well  all but one.

One man was used to controlling the church. , was  not very happy at losing that control  and so the family found itself in a fight for control of God;s house. At first they ignored the calls, Then   He tries with sniper fire, going so far as to have someone try to run the Pastor off the road.

However, things come to a climax and end in a horrifying turn of events one night in the kitchen of their home;Rebecca’s life is shattered and forever changed. She must start on a journey none of them could have been prepared for,

It’s funny how a book I didn’t think I would like has changed my heart and touched me very deeply. It taught me about forgiveness, having peace in the face of tragedy.

I recommend this book, to those who may have the problem with forgiveness, and even those who don’t. Be ready to be engrossed,to be shocked. To fall in love with the family and developed great respect for their strength and love. Their ability to live without fear in an environment fraught with terror.The Devil in Pew Number Seven by Rebecca Nichols Alonzo is a book everyone should read.
This book was given to me free of Charge by Tyndale publishing. The review is solely my own.


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