Of all the animals, man is the only one who is cruel….Mark Twain

I have never read Tom Pawlik, so this was going to be a new experience for me. I am one of those people who have their favorite authors, favorite type of book and tend to navigate towards those same areas. but this book looked interesting and different, so I thought why not?  Lets enter into a new subject.

The title and the sub-title grab your right away..Beckon;  Come, Live forever. But what I thought was mystery and suspense turned out to be my least favorite reading material Sci and Fantasy. Still the book is well written has some excellent spots and tied together wonderfully

Indian  legends are always interesting, in this book two young men hire a guide to help them find the “soul Eater” a Indian legend. In their journey  they meet people who live forever by drinking a liquid from a spider, People who have been alive for hundreds of years but under the wire the world never knew about them. One of  the young men is trying to locate his father, who disappeared years ago while on a business trip.

The book held my attention for the most part, some of it was totally unbelievable but that is what Sci Fi is all about, right? The characters were not endearing to me and I found I didn’t care for a couple of the good guys and was almost rooting for the bad guys in their case.

The question the book asks is:  “what would you give up to live forever? You family? Your money., your soul?” In many ways it can help Christians do a evaluation of just what it means to live forever and how much is giving your soul to the right person worth to you.

All in all I will call it a good read, it is entertaining  but just not one of my favorite books.

received this complimentary copy from Tyndall Publishers. A positive review was not required and all opinions expressed here are strickly my own


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