My Natasha has to be the pickyest eater in all of America. It has been a battle her Mom and I have struggled with. We cajole,we beg, we threatened, we bribe all in the name of healthy eating.  i was watching Rachel Ray, one of her guest was an author named Karen Le Billon. Karen had written an interesting book called “french Kids eat everything”

Is it possible we have given our kid too much control. When I was growing up, if I didn’t want to eat what was prepared that was fine with my grandmother, she knew I would eat when  I got hungry enough. She also knew I would eat what she had prepared, and if I didn’t, well, going to bed hungry one night would not hurt me.

It is also funny, looking back, it didn’t occur to me to fight her, she was the boss I was the child I did what she said. Period.

With my own kids, I was a little softer. I insisted they at least taste everything on their plates, one bit. There wasn’t anyway they could say they didn’t like it if they had not tried it right? So they don’t mind trying new things now, and look at food as an adventure.

Natasha, I guess, somehow got spoiled. I really don’t know how. She ate what she wanted, and she didn’t eat what she didn’t want. After a two-week period of only wanting top ramen or Golden Graham cereal it occurred to me I might have a bit of a sticky food wicket

So, when I heard about this book I felt as if I had asked for it.

Karen Le Billon and her family moved to France by her husband’s job. New Culture, New atmosphere new lifestyle.

The first thing she noticed was the fact you didn’t see a lot of obese French kids as you do American kids

She began to indulge in  Food Education and came up with 10 French food rules to train your kids eating habits.

I loved this book and have tried it and it working! Our biggest issues was the no snacking rule because Tasha wants to eat all the time, but its ok to feel hungry between meals:it paves the way for you to eat better at the real meals.

I recommend this book highly. Some people may not enjoy it has some negativity about  American, European and Canadian eating habits.  I found a lot of what she said was not only true, but took us back to an age in American where parents controlled the food.  the kids, meals were enjoyed not eaten in a car on the way back from Mickey D’s.

the book is well written, absorbing and with interesting suggestions.


About itsangel04

I am (NOt listed in any particular order) freelance writer, author,grandmother, mother, business owner, affiliate marketer, MLM, social media specialist as well as a host of other things I won't mention here. My new years resolution is to become healthy, lose weight and change my attitude. A lot of work for one year.

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