I am not a fan of ghost stories. I wouldn’t normally choose one I knew was they type of venue. I started reading the house on Trad Street because I thought it was a story of Charleston, SC, which I love to read.
I was a couple of pages into the book and found myself hooked. Karen Whites weaves a wonderful story of old Charleston coupled with ghosts of Charleston.

Charleston is a historic city, it is not hard to believe there are ghosts here. With the history of violence, war, earthquakes and hurricanes: kwhy Not have ghosts as well?

The story centers around a Realtor, Melanie, who has been deserted by her mother when she was 7 years of age.
This of course causes her to experience a rough childhood, her dads in the military, so they move a lot; adjustment is an unreal expectation.

When we meet Melanie she is almost forty, a successful Realtor in Charleston, trying hard to keep[ the secret of her “gift”. She visits a hope of a gentleman, and suddenly finds herself error to a rundown old house on Tradd..and the money to restore it.

Of course the house is badly in need of repair, and has a few extra guests staying there Melanie is about to encounter.

This book had me glued to its pages for wo days. It would have been less time, but I had to work and answer calls in between pages and chapters.

The book isn’t like anything I have read before, the plot is interesting. quick moving, surprising, with many twists.

Its is not your usual ghost stories, it is a real tribute to Charleston historic fame.
The author has shown a lot of respect for the old city, while writing a absorbing story.

I do recommend this book. I have recently finished the sequel: it is the same way excelolant and exciting reading.

karen white

The sequel, Well worth it.

The sequel, Well worth it.

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