The Lady with hat

Sitting at the window, he saw her every day. Sometimes she was jogging, sometimes she was walking, and sometimes she just hopped into her little blue mustang then drove away.
He guessed it was the hat that held his attention. No matter what she was doing she always wore that same hat.

It wasn’t special. Just a white cowboy hat, sitting jauntily on the cocked to side of her head looking like it was always there. Her long black hair was always perfectly straight and somehow complemented the hat. He never could figure out the hat, she was very pretty young woman, why the hat day afer day? Then one day she had one of those Tee shirts that said “Don’t mess with Texas” he guessed then she was from Texas or had visited there.

He was waiting today as usual for her to come out of the house. The people on the left side of her came out got in their cars and drove away. The kids played in the yard
noisily. He watched for a moment remember his own children, playing.

The people on the right side of her, they looked to be in their 50’s oened their front door.. The women came out and walked down the street eyes straight ahead focused.
The man got in his car backed out and whizzed off the other way. He knew they had kids, he guessed they had gone away to school or gotten married. He never saw them at the house anymore. Kids did that.

The Lady and the Dog

A lady walked down the street walking her dog, she lived three houses down. She was always fighting with her husband, he guessed it was her husband. Their fights weren’t very pretty. They were always loud and used terrible language, while their kids stood helplessly by. He guessed them to be about ages 3 and 7, the kids I mean. They were young, too young for what they heard and saw. He guessed it was today’s world.

Fast cars whizzed by, they shouldn’t go so fast on this road! There were kids out there!

The woman walking her dog came back.

He stretched for a minute, he wanted to get something to eat but he was afraid he would miss her so he stayed in front of the window. He picked up his Bible and read. His favorite book had always been Acts. He loved to read how the apostles and disciples started their lives as Christians and overcame their hard ships. Now he found himself reading more of revelations, and what will happen after he is gone. Will he go to heaven. He thought He would, he has accepted God when he was very young, went to church, tried to live by
Gods rules. He read his Bible every day, in fact it was all he read.

The Wave

He sensed something and looked up, there she was! She was coming out of her house. Her hat in place she picked up something off the front porch and tossed it inside, then closed the door. She did a few other little things, picked up a few stray leaves out of her Impatiens, then tossed the ball from the kids next door back to them,

She walked to her car door, put her hand on it and paused…
He got excited, here it comes ,he thought.
She turned her head towards his window, tilted it just a little smiled, and waved
The smile to him, was bright as the sun, and the wave was as if a flag was waving in the breeze.
Then she hopped in her car and drove away.

At age 97, it was the highlight of his day. He picked up his Bible and went into the kitchen table to pray for the nice woman whom he had never met but brought total joy to this olds man life. If she only knew how much!
That someone remembers he was here and acknowledged it, just for a minute…
Then he ate lunch.




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