In the darkness, there is always a spark of light.  Strangely, she clung to that thought as she pushed her way through the darkness. She fought to come to the top as the darkness continued to billow around her like   clouds.  The harder she fought the denser it became, she felt as if she was suffocating frantically she tried to keep herself under control; do not panic she admonished herself. Don’t panic it’s all over then! She felt as if she suddenly realized she was under water and began thrashing and as she tried to swim to the top. Now she was shaking, she was tiring out, and knew she was losing the battle. She fought for a few minutes more than felt the weight of the darkness pull her down. She fought harder against the tide desperately to recover the ground she lost.

What was this darkness and why did it engulf her? Now she was falling and falling. She screamed until she did not have a voice left she knew she was going to hit the bottom…..then nothing.

Andrea sat up in bed shaking like a leaf. She looked around the room in a panic.  She looked down at her bed and around her room; shaking like a leaf. She cautiously drew in a soft breath then a deeper one. She began to calm down when she came to the realization it had been a dream. She was perplexed because she didn’t have bad dreams; she mostly had happy ones, or silly ones. This one seemed so real she had trouble believing it wasn’t. She was covered in sweat, shaking and still felt the oppression of the darkness overcoming her.

Andrea was bright, brilliant and well, the only real word for her was perky. She was a natural redhead with piercing green eye and a small nose.   She stood a diminutive 5’5” but her presence was one of being in control.

The dream started out her morning   off-key and put her in a very dark mood. This was unusual for Andrea better known as Andy to the world; it was a feeling she was unhappy with. Hard as she tried to shake the mood but it lingered. She slid the door to the shower back, turning on the water a mixture of hot and cold mostly on the hot side. She stepped in let the water pour over her as she tried to relax. It worked amazingly, she almost drifted off in the shower she was so relaxed. An insistent noise penetrated her revere she gave up trying to ignore it. Grabbed a towel and stepped from the bathroom into her room picked up the phone and was rewarded with the only voice in the world that sounded exactly like hers.

“Hey Andy!” Chirped her twin sister “What’s going on today?”

“Not much,” Andy replied “just got out of the shower and I am creating a small lake on my new carpet, can I call you back?”

“No need my dear big sister, I am standing outside your door holding  Donuts  and Star bucks unlock your door and run for cover.”


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