Game On! Emmitt Smith

I have always been a great Emmet Smith Fan. I thought he was a great football player, it took immense courage for him to be the first “jock” on Dancing with the stars. He always seemed to be an all around nice guy. His book proves all of this to be true. 

When the world was pulling for Joe Montana, I thought Emmett was my favorite. Joe may have been a great player, But Emmett played Great. 

Written from a Christian Perspective  he starts in the first chapter giving us ten points to succeed. these are not your usual standard points, but ten hard-hitting decisions you have to make to change your life. 

We usually start with a strong parents . Emmett talks about childhood and high school


ail to remember that our heroes had a start, quite often these starts are humble and they uexperiences that led him to be the Hall of Famer he became. He reminds us he wasn’t always that person. He started from another place and though goal setting and grid came to the place he is in life now. 

The book is easy reading, but catches  and holds your attention. It is an window into the early world and present word of the man along with him family. It is not a book of past glory, or bragging rights. But a book of memories, and successes. 

I recommend this book to anyone who is looking to advance and change their lives. 

the book is inspiring, encouraging and entertaining. It reminds all of us, We all start someplace in life, where we end up is up to us. 


Stained Glass Hearts

Patsy Clairmont has always been one of my favorite authors. She has found joy in situations where I was sure thee couldn’t possibly be any. In this book she compares people to Stained Glass Windows, expressing the power of God in everyday life. As well as the not so everyday. Her sub title is Seeing life from a boken perspective.

The largest church in Charleston has the most beautiful stained glass windows. Wonderful impressive pictures of Biblical scenes, and people. Looking closer, though, stained glass is broken glass. Magnificently put together and colorful, but pieces of broken glass glued back together.That is pretty much how all of our lives are.

Patsy speaks candidly of people and events, tempering her thought with wisdom and humor. But also to the point, crisp and honest.

The ultimate message is His light and only His light will show us beauty, on the other side of the not so beautiful.  We also need to read out, and claim his promises. We miss so much by waiting for Him to bestow them. If we don’t ask we don’t receive; why are we so afraid to ask?

She speaks about her Grandson, Noah, who is seven. Noah is in the second grade. He asks his mom every night, “How about I don’t go to school in the morning?”

It isn’t becaue he doesn’t, like school she explains, but because it serisously cuts into his play time, it  interferes with the time he has to play with his brand new puppy, Sammy. and from his perspective priorites are out of whack.

I get Noah’s perspective. It gets to the heart of things.

I have read many of Patsy Clairmonts books, and have yet to meet one I didn’t like. It has a deep spiritual message,  and encouraging one. As well as the most prevelant one we all forget: God Loves Us.

I recommend  this book highly, I suggest you pour cup of tea and a plate of cookies, curl up and be prepared to be carried away. You will expeience, laughter, tears,  while  pondering some very deep thoughts.

at the lend of the book, you wil want to take your life in a new direction;one of peace and resilience.

Life Everlasting Book #2 Santee Series

Baxter Richardson opened his eyes…is the first line in this third of a series of heart-stopping books. Baxter is the youngest son of a multimillionaire, who has a challenge in his life. Everyone, it seems,  wants him dead. His wife, wants him dead so she can keep her secrets, his brother so he can take over the company. His Dad, well, his Dad has ,motives of his own.

Enter Ted Morgan, a classical pianist who is also pastor of the local Church. Te has experimented with music and healing,he  gets clearance to play for Baxter with startling results.

Everything changes with Busters wakes up, secrets began to come out and the question becomes, Will Buster survive waking up?

Life Everlasting is the second book in the Alexia Lindale  trilogy.The book is  Written by Robert Whitlow. The first book Life Support, explains how Baxter comes to be in a coma.

Robert Whitlow is known for his legal suspense stories, his books rarely disappoint, and this one is not any different. It is fast paced, surprising with strong characters.

The lawyer in this book, Alexia Lindale is a courageous and enthusiastic young woman representing the Baxter’s wife. Her Father in Law has discontinued all money and support to her. The brother has offered his help, but is it true?

If you have not read book one, book two may have some areas of confusion for you, I suggest you read “Life Support” first.

But Life Everlasting is a fascinating, will keep you on the seat of your chair  A different type of thriller with strong Christian theme set against the majestic backdrop of beautiful South Carolina.

A definite Novel not to be missed.

Twenty Eight and a Half Wishes

 “It all started when I saw myself dead”   This one sentence starts you on a ride you don’t want to get off. You never know up to the end, the ending and it surprises you.It leaves you breathlessly waiting for the next in the “Rose Garden Mystery Series”

You cannot help but like Rose, she is funny quirky but at the same time a strong women in her own right. She has the gift of “visions” which had up until this point been minor, but from this point on will change her life.  She a Normal everyday DMV worker in a small town.

The characters are real and easy to relate to likable. Rose’s view on the world and life is delightful. You are kept guessing until the end, even when you think you have it figured out  you don’t. It has excitement, romance, mystery, murder,psychic connections and Wal-Mart. You see Rose writes down her wishes o the back of a Wal-Mart receipt. How more human can you be?

I recommend the book but I warn you to be  prepared to experience many emotions, a lot of ups and downs, and a surprise ending.  Characters that keep you wanting more.

About the author

Denise is a single mom who lives in Lee’s Summit, Missouri raising five of her six kids. (The oldest has gone off to live on his own.) She loves to embarrass her children whether it be spontaneous dance parties in the kitchen or making her teens’ friends think she’s funny/cool. *gasp* (Even if it’s in her own mind.) On rare occasions, she is known to post stories about her crazy life on her family blog There’s Always Room for One More.

She keeps her sanity by creating worlds to escape to and characters to hang out with.


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More then a Game

Baseball is life. I  love the game, I am not into a lot of the players except for their stats. So until I rrod this book, I couldn't tell you if puJos liked milk with his coffe or not; I could tell you he was a really good player.
More Than The Game by Scott Lamb and Tim Ellsworth

After reading the book, I am more impressed by the man then I was before. He is a man of great faith and conscious. He comes from a background of poverity, not to mention a struggling country o becme a wonderful role model to his fans.
Kids need role models, and most of the ones today fall short. In the old days boys turn to sports figures as the empty of the ones they would like to be the most like. DonDrysdale, Sandy Koufax not to ment the ones who still amaze us The Babe and the New York Yankees. All safe heros for our kids.
Albert Pujols is an amazing athletic. he is also a great man of faith. 
The book is heavy on sports, if you are a Cardinal fan  you will love the stories. but more than that it is full of the honest faith of a Godly man.
Scott Lamb and Tim Ellsworth do a wonderful job of profiling his life from poor to wealthy, He still shows great sevanthood and giving. We talk about giving back tothe community; Albert Pujous does this, humbly.
If you want to read a great book about baseball, read "More than a Game". If you want to read a great book about an awesome baseball player, rea More than a game.
BUT, if you want to read a tremendous book about a wonderful man of faith who plays baseball; Really read More than a game. It will inspire you to believe in greatness again. It will give faith that there are good people out there and everyone in baseball is not about the money. But mostly, it will  mastly it will will make yubeliev in heros, and we all need one of those.

Lazarus Awakening

Faith that rolls the stone away

Do you have that kind of faith? Do you pray for something then leave it in His hands knowing your pray er has already been answered? Jesus said een if you have the faith of a mustard seed you can move a mountain. So why don’t we?

Joanna Weaver ‘s  Lazarus Awakening takes us on a wonderful Journey of finding your place in the heart of God and learing to have that deep faith in Him. 

Moving the faith of God from our heads to our hearts is a battle. We spend time fighting our inadequacies and in abilities, we read the Bible and believe in our heads but we don’t believe in our hearts. We wonder, How can He love me that much? Does He?

yes He does! Joanna helps us realize it is our own doubts that stop us from rolling the stone away in our lives.

She shows us how, in spite of all our accomplishments all we have done, nothing is more important in our lives to Jesus apart from anything and everything…embrace the truth Ladies…God loves us! He wants to wipe away the tears and fears, he wants to cal and comfort you. He wants to toll away your stone, you just have to have faith.Do You?

I did the 8 week Bible study included in this book, it was well worth it. It is also the last book in a trilogy, each book stands on its own two leg, you don’t necessairly have to do all three but still, all are wonderful books. 

Love is calling your name.

Let Joanna’s book help you find it. 

While the World Watched

Remember when you were 14? You had the world on fire, you were at the age just before high school and saying goodby to elementary school and children’s games.

Most of the time at the age the biggest problem we have is getting our homework done, or what to wear to school the next day. Carolyn Maull McKinstry was such a 14-year-old. Her life was the life of any normal kid growing up in the south in the early 60s.The civil rights movement was going forward, and everyone who lived in Alabama in those day were involved in someway with the changes that were happening but few were on the front lines, most were everyday people who worked, went to school and church.

What happens when the one day you go to church you find your world cleaned in an instant by a bright flash of light heat and noise. You friends are going, and nothing is every going to be the same again.

Carolyn describes the day so clearly you know she has lived it every day of her life, the emotion come through in the story. The ones left behind were the ones left to survive and she tells of this survival.

Although the world followed the immediate aftermath of the explosion, the followup , the police investigation and the rest of the whole ordeal that did not end on that day was left the members of the church. How do you feel safe ever again in your church? Your home?

This is a strong story of the human spirit. How beauty came out of ashes and triumph our of pain and darkness.

I recommend the book, not just to those who wish to read about the incident to learn, but those who want a remarkable story of the human spirit and how it prevails.

While The World Watched

Carolyn Maull McKinstry

Publish: Tyndale

Under the Overpass

“I’m starving and my feet hurt, that guy back there knows it , but hey! He’s praying for me.”

Mike Yankoski decided he needed to put into the action the Christian he said he was.  After prayer and counsel he and his friend and kindred spirit, Sam Purvis struck on a five month journey that would change their lives forever. they threw away the trappings of the world, and with a tee-shirt, jeans and their guitars enter the would of the homeless. For five months they lived literally homeless. No fail safe, nothing to fall back on. They encountered situations they dealt with them as anyone else homeless would, therefore feeling the full impact.

The great thing about this book is what it is not. It is not a book of feeling sorry for the people they encourtered, they treated them as equals. They took out the bad words, as a courtesy but that may have been a mistake. Making the people real was what it was all about.

Mike and Sam’s simple faith impressed me. They were in a church every Sunday, and quietly showed their faith to others. Their father was Radically altered at the end of the book, but they made a conscious decision to make sure they never forgot the experience.

The interactions with people, both the homeless or others personified their faith. It didn’t take long for them to take on the characteristics we associate with the homeless. Dirty,smelly dressed in cast off clothing.  It became second nature for them to plan in the morning where to sleep that night, where to set up to play. Knowing what is put in your guitar case is it for you for the day has to be sobering. Often they didn’t make bus fare much less enough to eat. Their diet consisted of Macdonald’s .99 cent burgers.

I recommended the book strongly to others. It is a fast read but intense. I  was shocked by the response from churches and fellow Christians. We sit in church on Sundays and pray for us to be  what God wants us to be, We ask him to use us in any way He chooses, but when He answers, do we respond? When Mike and Sam entered many churches they felt an unwelcoming atmosphere. A pastor told them when they asked for food; that  because the job of the church was to “worship”  giving them food would cloud the issues. Hence the words at the start of this review.  If you  truly want to do  what God ask of you , He just sent you two homeless me, giving them bread would be nice. Think before you pray. Will you really do it?

this is the best book I have read in a long while. It changed my perspective and let me have a bird’s eye view  into the life of people I only see from a distance. it makes me think about my commitment to others . A must Read

A Time to embrace Karen Kingsley

I am pretty much not  fan of romance novels and even less of sequels. I want the story to end on the last page and be done with it. A  Time to Embrace is both. It is a sequel to “A Time to Dane” The novel that introduced us to John and Abby at a difficult time in their marriage. A Time to Embrace continues the saga with a new set of problems.

John, wants to retire, but he doesn’t want to be pushed out. He wants to retire with honor. the a series of mishaps invade his life and push his decision; acrimonious.parents get in line behind an angry parent; starting  rumors about John’s moral character. He finds himself embroiled in a difficult situation that leads to serious complications and a trail for all who hurt him.

The story is touching, encouraging, and probably very close to real life situations. It shows what words can do, how parents influence kids and situations occur that will cause  lives change in the twinkle  of an eye.

Again I remind you I said, I am not fond of romance, but this one kept my attention, although predictable  it had it moments.

I cared about Abby and John, felt perturbed at the other kids dad, and generally felt I knew the characters.

I recommend, I also recommend the first book in the Timeless Love Series “Time to Dance”. Abby and John are nice people to know, and prove in both books; God is in control.

Happy Reading


Don’t Kiss Him Goodbye Sandra Byrd

I love Christian Fiction, when I had teens I encouraged them to read it as a way of keeping their hearts and minds pure. Of course I didn’t succeed one hundred percent, but it is a pleasure now to see my daughter reading authors such as Lori Wick and Jerry Jenkins interspersed with her secular authors.

I believe we build reading habits in our early teens, so good teen books are essential.

“Don’t Kiss Him Goodby” revolves around a teen who’s pleasent life as an American teen is interrupted with a sudden move to London.  She finds herself getting use to a new culture, making new friends and all the other typical teen issues.  the book has a sense of realism to it, the problems are not over the top, they are problems most teens might experience in the real world.

Savvy has a deep committment to God, and starts an advice column seeking Scripture for the answers.

However, as in any book she suddenly finds herself in a place where she has to decide to take her own advice or……well you know.

All of us have experienced the its easier to sit by the wayside and tell you what to do, then it is to do it. Savvy has to make that decision  A heavy decision for the best of us, much less a teenager.

The book is funny, absorbing and a fast read.  It is the third book in the London Confidential series, but still I did not feel the loss of reading the first two. However,. it doesn’t mean I won’t for the fun of it.

It is important to start your teens on a good path in everything even reading. I strongly recommend  this book to teenagers and adults alike.