42056                                  Some days  you just want a light novel, something you don’t have to get into to deeply. Sometimes you want to meet with old friends, and not worry about heavy duty mystery or murders but can go from murder to solving it in a few hours.. some days you need “the Cat Who..” books. 

the series has 28 books, I have read all at least twice, they are quickly engrossing, the characters likable and you are always surprised by the ending.

the first books, “the Cat who read Backwards” the cat who ate Danish modern” are set in the big city. Jim Qwerrilian is an report for the popular newspaper the “The Daily fluxion”

Qwill, as he is called, has had a hard  life and is a recovering alcoholic. He has to take whatever job is available and in doing so find himself the owner of a Siamise cat name Koko.

Koko, it would seem, has special skills and can solve a murder by helping his human find the cues. He is indeed a spoiled cat preferring Lobster and turkey to cat food. Still He is an extremely smart cat, and in book three they add another Siamese companion yum Yum, who was abused by her owner. yum yum is an more normal cat, so she sets off Koko perfectly and the family is complete.

Ihe characters are believable, and likable. and easy to get attached to. sometime Lilian feels she has to bump off a major character or two, but that keeps it all very interesting.

An old friend of Qwill’s mom leaves him sole heir to her fortune and Qwill leaves the big city for Moose county, He continues to solve murders, and live a very gentile lifestyle.

I recommend these books highly. The later books have a different feel to them, and at some point  I believe someone may have been helping the author out a bit. after all she was in her eighties and still  writing.  Over all I miss quill and his follow townsmen that live 400 miles north of everywhere.

When you are looking for something light, these books are it…a great tribute to a great writer.

Thanks Lilian for giving us Moose county, Pickax city, Qwill, Yum Yum, koko and all the rest.


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